Monday, June 24, 2013

Yeah, I'm Famous

24 June 2013

Buenos Dias!

So this week went by even faster than the last! How is this happening! I'm glad you all saw me on the T.V. yesterday. Yeah I'm famous NBD (no big deal). That was SUCH a cool experience yesterday. I don't even think I can describe in words how I felt. Missionary work is the BEST. It got me so excited to go out in the field and help people come unto Christ. This gospel is incredible and everyone should know about it. Never feel embarrassed to share the gospel or bear your testimony ever. I am so grateful to be able to be a missionary at this time.

So the other Hermanas in my zone are leaving tomorrow and I am so sad. I'm going to miss them so much. We had a mini fiesta in our residence hall last night. We just sat there and ate candy, talked about all the good times we have had, shared funny stories, and bore our testimony’s to each other. They are going to be missed deeply. But we are planning a reunion in St. George when we all get home, so Julie can we borrow your condo in 18 months? haha

So here’s a funny story. The other night our Branch President's wife (Sister Wing) came in our room to visit with us a little bit before it was time to go to bed and she told us that we HAD to go look at the moon. She said it was called a strawberry moon and that it is the closest the moon will get to the earth and that we just had to go see it! It was about 10:20 and we aren't supposed to be outside after 9:30 so we were like "ahh, I don't know, it's kinda late." But she was so persistent. So we went outside to look at the moon (I know we are rebels, and it was georgeous by the way! Did you guys see it?). And a security guard came up to us and was like, "Sisters you know the rules." And we got in trouble. haha Sister Wing was very embarassed.

We got new roommates on Wednesday and they are the best! I love them already. They are hilarious. OH and good news we get a new district in our zone on Wednesday and there are four Hermanas and four Elders! YAY MORE HERMANAS. We are so excited! Oh and more good news, I get to host on Wednesday! Did I already tell you this? So I get to be that person that when you get out of the car and say bye to your family takes your luggage and helps you find your room and stuff. I am sooo excited I can barely hold it in. I even have to go to this special training Wednesday morning...intense stuff!

So another awesome thing! Me and Hermana Shannon Commited two of our investigator to baptism wahooo! One of them actually got "baptized on Saturday." We are so happy.

Random Fact: Every night the other Hermanas in my district (Hermana Jones and Hermana Barlow) come into Hermana Shannon’s and my room and put on like a two minute skit for us. It is HILARIOUS. They have done magic tricks for us, SNL skits, sang songs, done some impressions, so many funny things. It's so great I'm going to try and reccord it one of these times when they aren't paying attention.

I know. this. church. is. true. It is the best thing in my life (along with my family and friends of course). I know that if we hold on to that iron rod and endure to the end we will be saved and we will live with our Heavenly Father again. It's not going to be easy, but through our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ it is possible. I LOVE all of you. I have the best Family and friends in the world I am so blessed.

LoveHermana St John 

P.S. Watch the Mormon Message: Mountains to Climb. (I think thats what it's called.) Mountains to Climb  It's INCREDIBLE. It's by Elder Eyring. It's unbelievable. Watch it. Love all of you!


  1. It was so exciting to see you on the Broadcast Sunday. I love the new changes in the missionary program and I hope we will be able to be as much help as possible. Imagine missionaries with Facebook accounts, iPads and serving as tour guides in our chapels. I hope the members will keep you busy with referrals.

    I actually watched that video you suggest on Sunday while waiting for the Broadcast to start. I also thought it was excellent. The Church is producing so many fabulous videos. (Humbly speaking, I am in two of them.)

    The picture at the top of this post was taken by Spencer on Kari's phone. It is a true miracle that he captured this. You will have to get him and your Dad to tell you about it.

    They really know quality at the MTC when they see it. I am so proud of you that you were chosen as a host for new missionaries. I love the experiences you are having even though you have become a rebel. Love that your Hermanas are entertaining you each night. I can just hear your beautiful, joyous laugh.

    Love & Hugs, Grandma Cable

  2. Remember you know me, even in your fame. :) And yes, our condo would be honored to be available for such a gathering in 18 months!!! I'm at work so can't write more, but I will send a Dear Elder or email soon.

    Love you!!!
    Julie (and Tom too)

  3. My Dear Sweet Hermana St. John,
    Loved your e-mail, and loved seeing you on TV. It made me cry, because I was so proud of you and so happy you are doing what you are doing. Heavenly Father is obviously watching over you, and helping you succeed. A host, of all things! Well, they obviously know who to choose to help to the new missionaries feel welcome and excited about being there. Things are good here at home, and we love and miss you, but could not be happier for you.