Monday, June 17, 2013

A Lesson on Faith

Buenos Dias!!
So this week went by really really really fast! It seems like just yesterday that I had my p-day! Time is so weird here, the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days it's insane. 

So yesterday Hermana Shannon and I taught a lesson about faith to our district. I had a really strong feeling that I should talk about Mom and tell them the story and talk about the faith she had and that we all had to have to get through that. I was SO nervous to tell that story because I knew I would cry and crying in front of people is the worst and I was just nervous. I didn't know what they would think! So I was trying to talk myself out of telling it but I just kept getting a strong feeling that I should so I did. And it went perfectly. The spirit was so strong and I'm so glad I told it because they all told me that's what they needed to hear for all different reasons. Elder Moore told me that his mom has leukemia and that story meant a lot to him and we both just cried and felt sorry for ourselves for a second but then we remembered that we are tough missionaries and stopped crying haha. 

I love my district so much they mean the world to me. They are like my family now. We have all gotten so close and it's going to be SO hard saying goodbye to them in three weeks. I only have three weeks left! I'm halfway done with the MTC! That like blows my mind.

We said goodbye to another district in my zone yesterday. Now the Hermanas in my district are the only Hermanas left! Elder overload!

I'm glad we made the news! I wish you could have been there in person to see all the missionaries walking to the Marriot Center it was so cool. Oh and I'm super glad they put that real nice pic of me on the website! Thats awesome I look so thrilled! haha oh man bless my heart sometimes.

So right now me and Hermana Shannon have three investigators that we are teaching. I have really grown to love teaching. It's so fun watching investigators keep commitments and progress spiritually and they aren't even real investigators! I can't even imagine what it will feel like bringing a real investigator closer to Christ - probably the most amazing feeling in the world! Hermana Shannon and I even committed one of our investigators to baptism, and on the second visit! Yah we are unstoppable.

We did this thing called TRC on Wednesday. Hermana Shannon and I went into a little room and a person from the real-life world (haha) comes in and we just kinda give them a little spiritual thought all in Spanish. It was SO fun. Non-members come in sometimes too but we had a senior sister come in and we taught her she was so sweet.

So here is something funny that happened this week. Elder Moore, from my district says the funniest, most random things all the time so I decided to make a little quote journal with all the funny things he says in it. And the other day we were talking about what the food is going to be like in our missions and he's going to Mexico. One of our teachers went to Mexico on his mission (Hermano Davis) and he was like, "Be careful what you eat you don't want to get a tape worm!" And Elder Moore said "My body is a temple and there shouldn't be worms in it!" There is not a lot of humor here in the MTC so we were laughing out heads off. Plus everything is 10 times funnier when he says it. OH man I love my district.

I love you all and I hope you have an amazing week! Thank you for all of your letters and packages and just for your love!

I know this Church is true with every fiber of my being! And I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to share it with the people of Texas and Louisiana!
Con Amor,
Hermana St John
P.S. Make sure to watch for me on T.V on Sunday! I'll try to make a happier face than I did for that picture! :) 

Katelyn and the Hermanas in her Zone

Katelyn and Madeline Morrison

Katelyn and McCall Anderson

Katelyn and Cierra Lesuer

Katelyn & Hermana Shannon with their roomies who have left for the missions.


  1. I hope Julie doesn't read this at work. She will cry, just as I did. But she will also laugh, just as I did. I love the way your write, Katelyn. It feels like you are here. I am so proud of you for listening to and following the promptings of the Spirit even when it was hard. I know you are a great missionary because of that. I can't believe you are half through at the MTC. It's an experience you will treasure all your life. Love you tons.

  2. Well, Mom was right. I did read this at work and I did cry...and laugh...out loud (embarrassing). I just LOVE your letters!!! And if you look at that picture, it's probably not the best picture of pretty much every girl in it. What a fun week! Go you for sharing the story about your Mom. I think we're all supposed to learn from each other's experiences, and if we don't talk about anything, no one can learn! I'm super excited to watch for you on Sunday. Does anyone know what channel (I assume 5?) and time it's on?

    Love you--
    Julie (and Tom too)