Thursday, May 30, 2013


After a lunch at the Brick Oven with my family and Grandmas & Grandpas St. John & Cable,
a few pictures at the Provo Temple, I'm finally in the MTC. This is it!


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I'm a Missionary!

My bishop and the Stake Presidency came for my setting apart. A beautiful blessing was given me by President Mabey. The next 18 months will change my life. I'm ready.

It was soooo sweet of Paige to buy me little presents, including red vines and a birthstone necklace.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Almost There!

By this time next week I will be in the MTC and I will need letters.

I just got my address there and it is different than I expected.  

Here it is:

Hermana Katelyn St. John
2013 N 900 E Unit 326
Provo UT 84602

While I am still in the MTC you can write to me on Check it out. Where they ask for my PO Box #, just enter 326. If you write me a letter on their site before noon, they will print it and deliver it to me that very day. It is free. You won't need paper, envelopes or stamps. Then I can have mail every single day if you want. 

But when I leave the MTC on the 8th of July, you can still send mail through "" or send all those cards and letters (and lovely packages) to the address in Kingwood, below:

I really do appreciate all the love and support y'all have given me.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Fare Thee Well!

I was given the opportunity to speak in our Sacrament Meeting on the 19th of May.  The soon-to-be Elder Griffin Clawson also spoke that day and he will be serving in Sweden, the home of many of his ancestors.  Friends and family came to my home afterwards and it was so much fun visiting with each of them.  

The enthusiastic and kind women I work with in the reading program at Oak Hills Elementary, Julie Ferreria and Celeste Horrocks, wanted to do everything for the gathering at my home afterwards.  It was awesome. Julie also did a missionary photo shoot for me and made the poster and the "Don't forget to write" cards. They are totally amazing.  Thank you so much for all you did for me.

My friends bring such happiness to me.  I love these girls.  The lei I am wearing was given to me by our neighbors, the Pepe Gautavais.  They also brought a huge plate of ribs they had cooked in a pit in their yard - in the rain, as well as a huge plate of fruit.  So many others contributed to the day. People are incredibly nice.

We had so much delicious food. I especially loved all the fruit,
and it made everything beautiful.

This cute suitcase cake was delicious! 
Wish I knew who brought it.

It was so fun to have people come and wish me well. 

Of course, Grandma and Grandpa Cable came. 

My dear Aunt Kim came up from Las Vegas. I also loved having Lyndsey, her daughter, come.  

My Aunt Julie and her daughters, Emily, Lauren, and Melissa and her family; Tom and his son, Dane with Stacy and their family came.  Tiffany, Josh and their cute four children came to support me.  It means a lot to have all these people from my Mom's side of the family come.  My Aunt Chantel, who lives in Missouri was sorry she could not be here, as well as my great-grandmother Mangum. But I was so happy to have all who were able to come.  

Not only did my Grandma and Grandpa St. John come, but every single other member of my Dad's family came.  This was quite an effort because they don't live close by.  I love and appreciate them.

I only have pictures of some, but Becky, Wendy, Randy, Ricky, and Jamie brought their entire families. I will miss them. 

I hope all my cousins, aunts and uncles will keep in touch. 
I can't imagine the changes that will take place in the next 18 months. 

It is always so fun to have Spencer's friends around. They have been friends for a long time and are impressive young men.

I think this little boy is my greatest fan. I love him too. He is Dax, Josh's little brother.

Most of all I love and appreciate my family.  They are my strength and though I will miss them and they will miss me, I know each one of them support me 100%.  I will probably not see Spencer for three years because he will be leaving on his mission shortly before I return from mine. He will be a great missionary.  Hayden and Paige will grow so much during the next year and a half.

My Dad is amazing and I feel such love and gratitude for him. Adios to all of you.  I am so excited to enter the MTC on the 29th. I know my Mom will be my companion my whole mission.  

When I went to bed my thought was, "This day was perfect. It couldn't have been any better."