Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Call to Houston

In a room full of friends and family, both the St. John's and Cable's, surrounded by love and excitement, I opened my call from the prophet on 16 January 2013. I started crying as I opened the envelope, even before reading about my call.  I knew the contents of this envelope would change my life forever. It really is a leap of faith to submit a mission application because you do not know where in the world you will be going or what you will be doing or whether you will need to or be able to learn a foreign language.

I was thrilled to learn I was going to the Texas Houston East Mission.
And I get to learn Spanish.
I enter the MTC on the 29th of May.

Brooke will serve in Washington state.

A quick group photo before we go to Kelsey's to watch her open her call.

A treasured hug from Mom.

I couldn't be more happy!

I Hope They Call Me On a Mission

I have thought about going on a mission all my life, but there were so many things I wanted and needed to accomplish. The time for service seemed so far distant that I wondered whether I would be able to go.  

I had wonderful friends all through high school, then after graduation I set out to pursue my education and become a Registered Nurse.

Utah Valley University provided just that opportunity and I was excited. But I also felt I should take Institute classes and eventually enrolled in a Missionary Preparation class.  

A surprise came that would change my life.  In the October 2012 General Conference, President Monson announced a change in the age for missionary service, one year younger for men (18) and two years younger for women (19).  My 19th birthday was just two weeks prior to the announcement.  I now knew that my dream could be realized and I could actually serve. 

 I was so excited - and obviously I was not the only one. 

I was still concerned about admission to the nursing program at UVU and I did not want to lose my scholarship. My family, and especially my Mom gave me great support and advice. The admissions office facilitated deferments, one a medical deferment so I could be with Mom, then a mission deferment. They will also hold my scholarship.  Absolutely everything was working out. 

Indeed "the field is white already to harvest." I applied to join the surge of missionaries.  Life is good and  I know the Lord has helped me so much.