Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pictures! We Have Pictures!

Katelyn is so ready to leave--on her way to Texas.

I love this picture of Katelyn saying good-bye to Jazzy. Paige posted it on Instagram. So sweet.  

Hermana St. John and Hermana Shannon at the Provo Temple.

Katelyn got a top bunk and looks happy about it.

She ran into Elder Clawson from her ward.

Katelyn was so happy to see Sister Berkley Crowell, friend and UVU roommate.

Katelyn and Hermana Shannon studying Spanish.

P-Day - Hermana Shannon

On P-Day Hermana St. John saw Elder Jeff Derricott at the MTC bookstore.
Their paths have crossed often at the MTC.

The obligatory photo at the MTC. Katelyn with her peeps from Bountiful.
Sister Crowell, Hermana St. John, Elder Bloomfield, Sister Nelson, Elder Derricott

Sister Nelson and Katelyn, good friends.

Hermana Shannon, Hermana Docksteder (Zone Sister Training Leader), Hermana St. John

Katelyn's District. She said she is with them 24/7 and loves them all.

Katelyn's Zone. She is so happy to be with them.


  1. I love the pictures. They make everything come alive.

  2. Sooooo fun!!! I absolutely love seeing these!