Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Excited - But a Little Sad

 1 July 2013


So this is my last week in the MTC! I can't even believe how fast the time has gone by, I feel like I just got here! I got my travel plans Friday and my flight leaves at 6:00 in the morning on Monday July 8th! I have to be at the travel office at 2:30 a.m.! So everyone please pray for me that I will be able to wake up haha. Getting my travel plans was the weirdest thing ever. So many emotions and running through me....excited, excited, excited, a little sad to say goodbye to my district and zone, a little nervous (because you know Spanish is hard and people's salvation will be in my hands) but mostly I'm excited! I feel so ready to just go out there and share what I know. Also another weird thing about my travel plans is that I have a layover. haha I thought that was kind of funny. I have a layover in Dallas from 9:40 a.m to 11:05 a.m. So if everything goes as planned I should be in Houston at 12:10 next Monday, ahh so excited! There are 21 people in mine and Hermana Shannon’s travel group. Hopefully they are all going to the same mission as us, we haven't met anyone here at the MTC that is going to our same mission so as of right now we are pretty convinced that we are the only people in the world going to our mission.

So as you all know I got to host this week and it was so fun! I cried a couple of times because watching people say goodbye to their families just brings back so many memories and it always gets me when an Elder is crying and saying goodbye to his family. But I get to host again this Wednesday so that will be fun!

We got new Hermanas in our zone this week and new Elders! They are so cute I love them all. The sad thing is that we only get to be with them for one more week!

So today me and Hermana Shannon were talking to a Mexican worker here at the MTC and we were like....WHATTT. haha it was so funny. It was a really great reality check for us. You don't realize how slow your teachers talk to you until you talk to someone that speaks Spanish all the time.

This week we had some AWESOME devotional speakers. Janice Kapp Perry came and gave a devotional on Tuesday and it rocked! We sang all the Primary songs she wrote and she sang us a couple of songs. It brought me back to the good old days of Primary I loved it. And for Relief Society yesterday Sheri Dew came and talked to us and that was Incredible. She talked to us about things she has learned throughout her life. I feel so blessed to be here at the MTC at this time.

So the craziest thing happened to me this week. Do any of you remember Chelsea Pilkington? She was in my ward in California and we were friends? Anyway I saw her, she is in the MTC right now. I can't believe we recognized each other! I got a picture with her I will have to send it.

This is probably my last e-mail I will be sending from the MTC. Kinda sad but Very Very exciting. I want all you you to know that this is the true church. The spirit has confirmed this to me many times. If any of you are struggling with this truth, ask God. He will confirm the truth of this gospel to you. I love this gospel so much and I can't wait to go out and share this truth with the people of Texas! I love all of you with all my heart!

Hermana St John

P.S. For the Fourth of July we get to go up on the MTC soccer field and watch the stadium of fire - Fireworks! Wahoo we get to stay up until 11:30 rock on!


  1. Yay!!! So happy to get this update. Crazy that you ran into your friend from California. So fun! I can't believe how fast these weeks have gone. The MTC sounds like the best place on earth, and hopefully I can be there too one day--preferably not learning a language though. That would be too hard for li'l ole me. Enjoy the fireworks--they're my favorite!!

    Julie (and Tom too)

  2. Comments from Tiffany & Emily who can't seem to comment here:

    2 July 2013
    Tiffany Thomson
    Blogger still isn't letting me comment. Today I was smart and copied my comment before I pushed comment and it disappeared! Here it is!

    Katelyn! You are an inspiration. I love reading your letters. Your testimony strengthens mine every week. My motto on my mission was testify, testify, testify! Oh and "work hard, play hard (on p-day)" You are going to rock it!

    2 July 2013
    Emily Bailey

    Thank you for sending! What a fun thing to read. So positive, I love her energy and vibrance.


  3. I can't believe you only have one week left, but on the other hand, it seems like you have been gone forever. Your email always make me happy. It is so good that you are a host and I am sure the new missionaries feel so much better to be greeted by someone with such compassion and empathy and helpfulness. Your cheery attitude will help everyone you meet. So good to hear from you. I hope you will have time to send us an email next week, but it might be hard as you will spend so much time traveling. I am so anxious to hear about your 1st Companion and your area and apartment.

    Love & Cheers,
    Grandma Cable

  4. My dear sweet Katelyn,
    Such a short time and you will be greeting the people of Houston. I know they will love you as much as we do, and they will want to know what you have to share with them that makes you so happy. I love hearing you bear your testimony. You are such a treasure!! I know your mother is smiling her face off as she watches you move forward with such faith and courage. Travel safely and know that you are in our prayers constantly. May the Lord wrap you in the arms of His love and keep safe.