Monday, July 15, 2013

I'm in a Tripanionship!

15 July 2013, 10:30 a.m.


Okay I'm in Texas....this is not real life. I can't believe I am actually out in the mission field. Ahh so crazy. So I'm sure you are all dying to know what my companion is like, where I live, what it's like in Texas, how the language is going....but I'm not going to tell you until next week. Just kidding, okay so my trainer. I'm pretty lucky because I actually have two trainers! I'm in a tripanionship! It is SO much fun. My companions are Hermana Seely and Hermana Arcila. They are the best. They are so funny and just crack me up all the time. But they love to play jokes on me because I don't know any of the rules or how things go around here. So for example, when missionaries back out of parking spots in cars it's a rule that one missionary has to get out of the car and back the other person out (yeah IDK kinda weird). So my companions were having me do that and they were like "one second." And they opened the trunk and pulled out this neon vest and were like, "You have to wear this when you're the person backing the car out." And I was just like, okay this is kinda a weird rule that you have to wear the vest but I'll do it. So they have made me wear the vest every time I back them out and I just found out yesterday that YOU DONT WEAR A VEST WHEN YOU DO IT. hahaha I was so mad at them but I was also laughing my head off. They are never going to let me live that one down haha. But other than playing mean jokes on me they are great I really do love them so much. They have taught me so much already (mostly not to be to gullible). But really they are awesome. 

Okay so my apartment is so tiny. It's adorable. It is basically made for one person but we have three so it's great. We have three beds shoved in this tiny room haha. And we live on a street named Jimmy Johnson Blvd so that's fun!

Oh and by the way the area that I am in is called Port Arthur. We are the only Spanish speaking missionaries in this area!

So my mission presidents ROCK. I'm not kidding they are so awesome. We stayed over at their house Monday night and they were so welcoming and sweet. Ahh I just love them so much, I feel so blessed to have them. We went running Tuesday morning with Sister Crawford and it was so much fun. She is so easy to talk to. But it was gross because by the time we got back to the mission home I felt like I had just gotten out of the shower because it is soooooo humid here.

So oh my goodness Spanish is hard. For the first couple of days I basically just sat there wide eyed. The people talk so fast!!!! S.O.S. But as the days went on I feel like I could understand ALOT more and now I can almost understand everything it's just the details that I miss. One of my biggest challenges so far, I feel like, is being afraid to make mistakes when I speak Spanish. Sometimes I don't say something I feel like I should say to an investigator because I am afraid I am going to mess up. I need to work on that. The people are so nice here and I know they would just help me if I messed up but It's scary!

Okay so Grandma sent me a list of questions that I need to answer so here is another one! My ward is so awesome. It's actually just a branch because it's too small to be a ward. There are about 50 people in our branch. We are the only missionaries in the ward. They are such great strong people. Oh and we have a car! Which is nice. we have one because our area is so big but we only have a certain amount of miles so we do have to walk or ride bikes sometimes!

Okay so something weird! Do you remember the Haffords from California? Like my best friend Holly? Well her Brother Aaron is in this mission and I saw him! He came up to me and said, "Hi."  It was so weird!

Anyways I don't have a lot of time left but I just want you all to know that I love you so much and I think about you all the time. And I want you to know that this Church is true. I know it is. This gospel changes lives and can bring you joy even in the hardest times in your life. A lot of these people that we are teaching have nothing. But when we teach them about the joy of the gospel it is the best feeling ever. It doesn't matter who you are or what you have done, you can always come back. Heavenly Father and Jesus love you so much. I LOVE YOU ALL.

Here is my address!
4710 Jimmy Johnson Blvd Apt. #45
Port Arthur TX 77642

P.S. We are moving in like 2 weeks into a different apartment so I'll let you know when it changes!


  1. To get pictures of you with your companions makes my day! You look adorable. Hot! But adorable. I love the joke about the neon jacket to back cars. Soooo funny! I was supposed to guide Wayne when backing when we were on our mission too, but I was disobedient and did not get out of the car and do that. It was so rainy and miserable so I was disobedient. But our mission president's wife did. She is a saint.

    I am so glad you have good first companions. I know you will love this experience and you will learn so much from them. I can't believe how well you are doing with the Spanish already. Brilliant, just brilliant!

  2. Why is every single letter from you so darn amazing? I cry EVERY SINGLE TIME. Sheesh--what's wrong with me?? And this time I looked like a dork laughing out loud at work. I love the way you write because I can just hear you talking. Your companions sound so awesome!! A sense of humor sure makes life better, and I love the backing jacket. At least they know you'll be obedient to even silly rules!!! Thanks for sending pictures. It just makes it all so real, and I love seeing your companions. Maybe you could send a picture or two of your apartment and maybe even the church? It would be fun to see where/how you live. I feel your pain with the humidity. Virginia and San Antonio were both super humid, and Houston is even worse. Good thing you have long straight hair, because you can still look cute. I looked pretty bad for six years.

    Take care, and know we are sending lots of love your way! We're all looking forward to the 24th of July festivities--B-town parade (what will we do without your Mom to save our sweet spot???), then treats and fireworks at my house. At least that's what my clan is doing.

    Julie (and Tom too)

  3. My Dear Katelyn,
    What a thrill to hear from you and see pictures of your comps. I think Tripanionships can be a lot of fun, and be very effective. We worked with some when we were in Wales. It gave us more sisters to love. I know your companions will love you, and soon will stop tricking you. They just have to tease you a little to help you relax and get into the work. I know the people of Port Arthur will love you to pieces, because you are just so adorable and LOVEABLE!! We pray for you each night, and knowing that you have a car will help me relax a little about your safety. We loved having your family here for dinner yesterday...even though it does make me miss you and your mother more!! I love you very much, and think of you several times a day.

  4. I finally figured out why blogger wasn't letting me comment!! Yay! Now my weekly comments won't be erased :) You are so awesome Katelyn! I am so glad that you get to be a sister missionary. It is the best hu? It sounds like you have awesome trainers and they are pretty kind with the pranks! The best greenie prank I remember from my mission was when a trainer took the greenie to a house and the guy came out waving his shot gun and yelling at them to get off of his property. It was a member and had been set up ahead of time, oh it was funny! The vest thing was funny! Make sure to keep it for your greenie someday!!