Monday, October 6, 2014

Trato Hecho

Hermana Andrus is pro at doing hair.
Wadd up!

Such a good inspiring week. Man I can't even describe in words. I feel like
Conference came just at the perfect time for me. It gave me the confidence
and faith I needed to finish these last months out strong. It's amazing how
God knows who we are and just what we need. 
I really loved Neil L. Andersen's talk on opposition. We face alot of that as
missionaries and it gave me strength and courage to face opposition with
humility and kindness. He said "Opposition against the good things of God
send honest truth seekers to their knees." Opposition should make us
stronger not weaker. And I loved his message on how the world may be
telling us all sorts of things but how we never need to doubt the prophets.
That just brought so much peace to my heart because I know that that is
true. I know that we never need to fear no matter what is going on around

How did y'all like General Conference??

So this coming up week we get to watch the new movie Meet the Mormons! I'm
so excited. It looks like it is going to be really good. GO AND SEE IT.

We had a pretty good week here in Channelview! Not anything too crazy
happened just working hard, talking to everyone, sharing the gospel,
getting rejected, speaking Spanish, learning, growing, laughing, crying,
changing, singing, getting wet from the rain, reading, memorizing, loving,
smiling, understanding, believing and helping. There is nothing better
than being a missionary.

I love you all so much!!

Love, Hermana San Juan 
MEDUSA with her curlers in hahahah
Cool right? 
Paige you should learn to do this so you can do my hair every day when I get home.
Wadd up

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