Friday, October 31, 2014


I am so excited to email y'all today.  It was just such a great week!
By the way thank you for all the emails. They always make my day and help me push along. 

We carved pumpkins on our last P-Day.

My study desk. 
 I am just so happy. 


God really loves me because he saved one of the bests for last. 
So this week we set two baptismal dates with people! 
#1 Bernabe. Remember him? I talked about him a little in my last email. He
is doing awesome. He loves the Book of Mormon and always has so many good
questions. He is so dedicated and ready to change. He is already looking
forward to his baptism on November 16th. He came to the ward Halloween
party that we had this past Saturday and I think he liked it. He's very
friendly so he talked to just about everyone in the ward haha. 
#2 Rafeal. So Rafeal is just a straight up miracle. We found them knocking
last week and just on the door contact we invited him to church and he
came! He also came yesterday to church so he has come 2 weeks in a row now.
There was a baptism last night that we also invited him to and he came! We
also set a date with him for November 16th. He accepts everything really
well and just has a lot of faith. We are trying to get his family involved
too. He has a wife and 2 kids. We have talked to them they are just always
really busy. 
Also yesterday I got to go back for a baptism in Houston 7! An 11-year-old
boy (Carlos) and his sister (Isabel) were baptized. They are the children
of the Fernandez family who we have been working with. It was a beautiful
service. I love those kids to death. 
The gospel is so beautiful. 
Also on Friday night we went to an orientation on family history. I'm
feeling the spirit of Elijah people. President Drake is letting us take 2
hours this next week to work on family history and do a batch of indexing.
I'M SO EXCITED. Also never thought I would say that.
Also do y'all remember Rolando? The one who moved out of Channelview so we
couldn't teach him anymore? We got good news. He happened to move into the ward
that I am in now but in the other hermanas' area. BUT I get to see him at
church and stuff! He is doing so well. Hermana Shannon told me that he has
a baptismal date and he is nervous but is working towards it! So exciting.
I love every single one of you so much. Thank you for everything. I know
this is the true church and I know that Jesus Christ is the Savior and He
lives. The gospel changes lives and everyone needs this message. 

We were Mexicans for the Ward Halloween party! haha 
By they way these are my companions Hermana Bonar, Johnson, then me.

Have a happy Halloween!!
Con mucho amor,
Hermana San Juan

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  1. Wow--what a great week!!! And your "costumes" are adorable. Keep going strong!!

    Sending love from Julie (and Tom too)