Monday, September 29, 2014

esta muy pagado de si mismo



Once upon a time on Thursday afternoon we had a little bit of extra time before one of our appointments so we decided to go now. Everyone was apparently in a terrible mood that day because we got yelled quite a few times and someone shouted at us "no one is home" through one of the doors...  Classic. So we weren't feeling too hot but we kept going and we knocked on this door and a teenage girl opened it. She said sorry, I don't speak English and we said, "We speak Spanish!" (which by the way I love doing because half the time people don't believe us). And she got super excited and let us in. We sat down and met Rosa (mom) and Diana (daughter). They just moved here from CUBA. Their accents are so cool guys. I could listen to them talk all day. Anyway, long story short they have been looking for a church to go to here and they had a Mormon friend in Cuba and they loved our message! It was such a miracle after a long hard day. God really does put people in our paths.

Also TUESDAY WAS THE BEST. Perla and Hermana Fernandez and families took us out to dinner for my birthday. We went to China Star, a new Chinese buffet they just built around here. They all each bought me a present which was adorable and so nice of them and a tres leches cake. SO GOOD. I was stuffed afterwards to say the least. They had the restaurant people sing to me which was mean but it was a great day :) I can't believe I am 21??

We also saw Adela this week! Remember her? Well guess what she GOT HER MIRACLE SHE WAS WAITING FOR. She still won't tell us what it was but she got she is planning on getting baptized in the next couple weeks!

General Women's Conference was AMAZING. We all went to the stake center and watched it together as a stake. They served refreshments after. I felt so uplifted and important after that meeting. Man I love General Conference time. I love President Uchtdorf's talk at the end about just being obedient, how God just wants to pour blessings on us but sometimes we put up umbrellas. So true.

I have a testimony of this Church. I know we have a living prophet today and I am so excited to hear from him this weekend I can hardly stand it. I love y'all so much!

Hermana San Juan

Hermana Andrus - Planning Meeting

[I am missing some pictures, so I will update this if I get them, so ignore the words below.]
#1 crawfish?
#2 They are THE BOMB
#3 Praty

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