Monday, September 8, 2014

German Is Baptized


Okay so sorry this is going to be a short e-mail! 

Hermana Andrus and Katelyn at German's Baptism 
So German was baptized yesterday! Everything went so so well. One of my
favorite things is seeing the person who is about to be baptized in all
white for the first time. It is for sure one of the most beautiful things I
have seen here in Texas. Almost everyone from the ward came to support him
and his girlfriend gave a talk about baptism that was straight from the
heart. Her name is Gloria and she has been a member for about 25 years now
and has been through some really hard things in her life. As we have been
teaching German for these past weeks we have also been getting to know her
better and that has been such a blessing for me. It is always amazing to me
when people go through trials harder than you can imagine and come out
stronger than they were before. I am lucky to have so many great examples
of that in my life. It helps me to be strong in times of trial.

I was also very humbled this week. We recieved a referral from Salt Lake a
couple of weeks ago for a man named Rolando. We have been trying to contact
him for the last couple weeks now and had been having no success. We were
about to give up on the referral when something told us to go try it one
more time. So we did and someone finally answered the door! A little
adorable girl about 9 years old. We asked if her dad was home and she said
yes and went to go get him but then came back out and said that he was busy
and couldn't talk to us. So we started to walk away a little disappointed
and then the little girl came running back out and said "Hermanas wait!"
She told us that her dad wants to talk to us. So we went back and Rolando
apologized and said he felt ashamed and didn't want to let us in because
his house isn't very nice and its messy but that something told him to call
us back. He let us in and we found out that he is a single dad raising 6
kids under the age of 14. He talked to missionaries in the past and has
been praying that we would find him. It was such a blessing for us to meet
him and to teach him about eternal families and how in a world that is dark
he can find hope.

I know that this Church is true. I love y'all so much I can't even describe
in words. Thank you for everything!

Hermana San Juan

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  1. Yay for Rolando!!! I am so happy you found him and that he didn't send you away! A single father of six needs the gospel desperately!! And what a happy day for German. And on a side note, I love your cute red shirt over the blue dress--so cute!! I sure love you Katelyn. What an amazing, amazing, missionary you are!!!