Monday, September 22, 2014

Estoy hecho una sopa!!

If I had to describe this week in one word it would be RAIN.
It rained too hard core this week. We got multiple flash flood warnings on our phone and were basically always soaking wet. It was actually really fun, lots of great puddles to jump in.
On Tuesday I went to another leadership meeting in Liberty. It was a great spiritual boost. The message that I got out of it was, "Fear no man" or in other words be proud of being a missionary and confident about the message you carry! Also I got to drive with Hermana Shannon on the way up there so it was awesome talking to her. Did I tell you she lives right across the street from us! It's a dream come true I love that girl.
Then on Wednesday I went on exchanges with Hermana Perez. She just got done being trained and is already training but she can totally handle it. She is an awesome missionary.
On Thursday we found out that Rolando and his family moved out of our area :( It was a little bit of a sad day because they were some of our most solid investigators but then we realized that we were being really selfish by being sad and that they will be just fine with other missionaries. We are all on the same team right? Plus they moved into Hermana Shannons area so it's all good :)
Friday was Fiestas Patrias for our ward. It was alot of fun. SO SO SO much food. But oh my gosh Hermana Andrus and I were in heaven because last week we didn't eat like anything because we felt so sick and so we went all out at Fiestas Patrias. A crazy lady in our ward (who I love) named Udi got up on stage with a gun and shouted "VIVA MEXICO" so that was freaky but other than that it was great!
Hermana San Juan

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  1. Hahaha...go for Mexican pride! Nice that you have enthusiastic ward members. :)