Monday, July 28, 2014

tu conoces el hombre de mufin??

Okay so I think that it just hit me that Spencer is really leaving and I already haven't seen him for a really long time. I loved listening to your talk, Spencer, but it made me miss you a little. You are going to be the best missionary and I'm not just saying that.
Spencer listen to the song "2 years" by Carli Barlow on YouTube. You won't regret it.

Hermana Andrus and Hermana San Juan 
So my new companion's name is Hermana Andrus! She is so AWESOME. I really don't know how I get to blessed with companions. She is from California. We have a lot in common and I love talking to her. She's pretty funny and has hilarious stories. Man she came out so much more prepared than I did. Her Spanish is already pretty good and she just goes for it in lessons.  It's awesome. I have flashbacks to when I was being trained all the time, so it's kinda weird.
Bryan and Pepo are doing too awesome. They were so excited to get the Holy Ghost yesterday.  It was so cute. They just keep telling us how happy they feel and how much of a difference they have seen. We gave them a picture of us at their baptism and they put it up in their front room and said they will always remember their angels.
Jaime is doing really well. He is getting a little nervous for his baptism on August 10th but he is also so happy. He brought his sister to church yesterday because she wanted to "see the church and the girls that changed his life" is what she said. She told us that we did for him what they couldn't do and she will be forever grateful. I think she is also a little interested so we will see where that goes :)
Also, Guzman is still coming to church every week. We aren't really sure what his intentions are? He asked us if we would marry him if he got plastic surgery to remove his wrinkles so that was weird. haha

Katelyn with Hermana Williams 
This week I have been thinking about something that President Crawford always asked us, "When you pray who do you see?" Who I see has changed drasticaly since I have been out on my mission. I think before I left I didn't really see anything. I never really thought about it. But I have learned and felt that Heavenly Father is right there next to me when I pray. I know the power of prayer is real. When we kneel to pray He is right there kneeling with us. 3 Nephi 17:13-16. I love you all so much and I love this gospel.
"Two years is a time for me to give back for I owe each breath that I breathe. It's only a small thing when you look at eternity." --Hermana Barlow
Hermana San Juan
Also Alex went to the temple this past week!! I couldn't go back for it which was sad but I couldn't be more happy for him.  


  1. My goodness! I can't believe how fast your mission is flying by! 18 months really isn't a very long time. I can't believe it has been 15 years since I left--it really is still such a huge part of who I am at my very core. What an amazing blessing to be able to serve! You are so awesome!

  2. Wow that temple is just gorgeous!! So happy to hear your investigators and new members are growing and progressing. I can't imagine what it would be like to be a new member of the church. It must be such a big change for some! It makes me so grateful that I was born with this great blessing because I wonder if I would be strong enough to change my life that drastically. It's so fun to hear about your experiences as a missionary. It was also great to be at Spencer's farewell yesterday. I'm sure my Mom will send you lots of pictures. Paige did such a good job decorating, and the food was yummy. The house was super crowded with the buzz of happy teenagers--so fun. Hard to believe that the next gathering will be you coming HOME! Time is flying by. Love you! Keep up the good work!

    Aunt Julie (and Tom too)