Monday, July 14, 2014

We Taught Like Crazy!

Hermana Williams, Jaime, Hermana San Juan 
So sorry I don't have that much time today! 
But this week was awesome and we taught like crazy! Everyone was home this week and only a couple of lessons fell through...miracle. 
Adela is a stress and a half. Her baptism is this coming Sunday and she is SO ready. Her kids just aren't very supportive of her decision so she is second guessing it a little bit. So keep her in your prayers, we are for sure going to be praying for her this week.   
We got 7 people at church yesterday! Pearla and her whole family came. They are the best. They are picking a date in August right now for their baptism we are so excited for them. 
Jaime is still going strong with no smoking! Members have been so supportive and helping him out a lot. 
Love yall so much!  
Sorry this was so short!

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