Monday, July 21, 2014



Yup I'm super excited I'm going to be training a brand new missionary! The sad part is that Hermana Williams is leaving me. But I know that she is needed in another area.

So first off Brian and Bepo got baptized yesterday!!

After the baptism Brian shouted out "I"M MOROMON" haha

It's kind of a crazy story because Adela was the one looking super solid for Sunday and then she got cold feet and told us she wanted to wait a little longer. So we were making plans to cancel the baptism but then later that night we went over to Brian and Pepos for a lesson and they told us that they have been praying about baptism and when they prayed they felt a peace and they knew it was true! They told us that they would be ready for baptism this Sunday! (yesterday). So we didn't have to cancel the baptism after all. It was such a beautiful service. Brian and Pepo were so happy. I really don't think they stopped smiling the whole time. It was adorable. Obispo Gracia baptized them and a lot of people from the ward came and brought lots of food. It went perfectly.

Jaime at church with his classy tie we bought him for his b-day.

So our investigator Jaime makes things out of leather for work (belts, cowboy hats, saddles, wallets, etc...) And he made us keychains and hair clips! Cool right?

So funny story. Adela only has one eye because she had to get surgery and now her eye won't open (this is not the funny part) haha. So we were at her house about to start teaching her and the T.V. was on so Hermana Williams snuck over to it and tried to turn it off when she wasn't looking, but Adela saw and she did the "I'm watching you" thing but since she only has one eye she only used one finger and we were dying it was so funny. She always makes us laugh so hard.

Hermanas Williams and San Juan 
Gummy eggs and waffles? SURE! So good!

PUPPIES. Are you jealous Paige???

I love you all so much and I know this is the true Church! I am so excited for Spencer to leave on his mission. Only a couple more weeks!

Con Amor,
Hermana San Juan

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