Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Happy Late 4th of July!!

Katelyn and Hermana Williams 
Happy 4th from the Hometown Bandits
People got some major Texas pride going on over here. It was basically like happy to be a Texan day. 

This week was a HOT one. Holy cow. Like a 115 everyday and pouring rain haha. Also our car broke on Monday so we were on bikes this whole week..it was something else let me tell you. We were soaking wet basically 100% of the time either from rain or sweat haha. We felt like real missionaries. But we got our car back yesterday so we are very grateful. 

 SOAKING WET. Don't judge us. hahaha

This crazy lady gave us a stick to "hit dogs when they chase us." 
We taught the whole Martinez family this week (Pearla)! Her husband is so sweet and really interested in the gospel. He told us that he has seen a huge positive difference in his family since he has been home and that's how he knows it is the true church. We gave them three dates in August to pick from to be baptized :) 
Also, Jaime is doing awesome! He oficially quit smoking on July 3rd because that was his birthday. He has been going strong and the ward is being really supportive. A family in our ward, the Hernandez family, invited him to a dinner on Wednesday night and people have been going over to visit him and give him rides to church. We set a goal date with him for August 10th. 

 Hermanas Williams and San Juan - Ride Justin
Jaime, Pepo, and Brian all came to church again! Pepo and Brian even stayed for 2 hours, they just can't get enough. We set a date with them for this week too. July 20th. 

BEST PIC EVER ... Brian and his Ferrett 
So for the 4th of July we got permission from the zone leaders to go to a 15 for a less active family that we are reactivating! My first quince! It was a blast. I love the hispanic culture. Those parties are so fancy. There was a ton of good food and pretty dancing.

Daniela is 15.

With Tweety Bird at the 15.  
THE CHURCH IS TRUE. I love you all so much. Read your scriptures and pray every day! It's the little things that shape who we are!

Con mucho amor,
Hermana San Juan

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  1. Oh Texas in the Summer. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger! I was so thrown off by the rainstorms not cooling the temperature. So weird. My kids used to get their big wheels out and ride around the driveway in the pouring rain and loved every minute of it. So great that people are progressing! August should be a great month. Love you!