Monday, May 5, 2014

Hermana McCormick--New Companion

 Sweet yeah?

So I'm sure y'all are wondering who my new comp is right?? Her name is Hermana McCormick and she is from Willard, Utah! She is super cool and I am so excited to serve with her. I saw her at transfer meeting and I totally called that I was going to be put with her. She has been out about 8 months. She is such a positive, happy person. This transfer is going to be awesome. 
I do miss my girl Hermana Shannon though. She just got moved to the area right next to Broadway though so we are still going to see each other all the time and we are in the same zone so basically we are going to be FINE.

Also good news/bad news. So I really have no idea if I told yall this but Alex has a baptism date for May 30 (his b-day) and he is currently living with his girlfriend right now so he is planning of moving out on May 27 so that he can be baptized on the 30th. I have so much respect for him. He is having to go through a lot to be baptized but he knows how important it is and he is willing to do hard things. Anyway, he is going to be moving out of our area/ward :(  But the good news is that he is moving into Hermana Shannon's new ward! Kinda crazy huh? It's neat how things work out.

I have been telling everyone about Spencer's mission call! We had a dinner on Wednesday night with la familia Madrigal and Hermana Madrigal talked to me almost the whole time we were there about how much she loves it over there and how Chihuahua is super pretty. She said she has family in Juarez and that they love it. She is really excited about your mission call Spencer haha! She told me that everyone there has blonde hair and blue eyes so you are going to fit right in :)

We are teaching Mario's (our recent convert) wife and her son right now. They are planning on getting baptized on the 17th. They are excited to get sealed in the temple in a year!

So while we were in a lesson with Alex the other day he turns to me and asks "What motivates you everyday, what makes you wake up in the mornings?" So that question really got me thinking. And I decided that my love for God motivates me. And my love for the people. I know that I could sleep in everyday if I wanted and be lazy, but my love for God carries me forward. Sometimes your investigators teach you more than you teach them.  

 Good old Martin. This is the lesson that we had with Martin and Alex. haha I love them. 
We had a miracle this week! Me met this 16 year old kid named Joseph while we were trying to find a less active. We invited him to be baptized on June 7th and he said yes! He is one of those people that just gets it and is sincerely looking for the truth.

I am in LOVE with being a missionary. And I can't wait to talk to you on Sunday! :) I love you guys a lot!

Con Amor,
Hermana San Juan 

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