Monday, April 28, 2014

I have never been happier.

Best District en el Mundo 
Okay first off I have been thinking about Spencer and if he got his mission call all week!  
Dad I know you are probs terrified but let me tell you I have some homies here in Houston that are from Ciudad Juarez and they are some of the greatest people I have ever met. So humble and so kind. You have nothing to worry about. God protects his missionaries and Spencer will be perfect for those amazing people. 
Spencer I can't stop smiling.....Spanish buddies....:)
Spencer-Also I was reading PMG the other day and it says,
"More happiness awaits you then you have ever experienced as you labor among his children." I promise you that is true. I have never been happier. Of course there are hard days but I promise you, if you let it your mission will make you happier than you have ever been.

Also sad news! Hermana Shannon is leaving me! :( We kind of expected it because she has been here FOREVER but it's still sad and I am going to miss her a ton. I will get my new companion tomorrow!
So last Monday we watched the movie Saratov Approach with President and Sister Crawford. Such a great and inspiring movie! Although I would not recommend watching it if you have a kid on a mission....

It was a pretty normal week as far as normal is concerned out here. We set a date with Maria Mejilla for May 31st! Her husband is really excited because he has been a member for almost 10 years and always talks about how the Church is the best thing ever (even though he hasn't been for like 4 years but we are working on that).

Martin has been on this "what does the word telestial mean?" kick this past week..... We have explained it like a million times but it just bugs him that there isn't an exact definition for the word telestial and he asks us about it like every 5 seconds so if you guys have a definition for the word telestial that would be great haha. But other than that he's doing great. 

We had a SWEET lesson with him on Saturday though. So at 7:00 on Saturday we had a lesson with Alex and then at 8:00 a lesson with Martin.  So we told Alex we had to go because we had another lesson to get to and then we were like, "Do you want to come?" and he was like "Sure!" So he came with us to Martin's lesson and it was AWESOME. I have never brought an investigator to another investigator's lesson so it was kinda funny but also a really cool experience. Alex bore powerful testimony about faith. It was a cool experience for me because I know what Alex is going through and how bad he wants to be baptized and I know how much faith he has. I know he helped Martin because that's what he is lacking right now, faith. My new favorite thing is now bringing investigators to other investigators' lessons haha :)

I love you all so much! so so much!

Hermana San Juan

Guiterrez Family 

Chi Ha and his Garden

God Loves You

President ?

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