Monday, April 7, 2014


Terrrrrrific week people. Mostly because conference was this weekend and I'm still floating on the spiritual high. What talk did you love the most?
I always love President Eyrings talks. I loved how he said "It is not one great choice but many small choices." The small choices lead us to the big choices no? So inspiring.

So good old Michael came to the Sunday morning session of conference with us. After this session the ward had a lunch type thing before the other session. Michael stayed and we talked for a good while. I asked him how he liked it and he said that he LOVED the prophet's talk. But then we got to talking more and he went all scientific on us and my brain started to hurt so I was like "Michael do you believe in God yes or no?" And he said "No," He said no!! That was a punch to the heart let me tell yah. So we kept talking and by the end I felt like I had just got hit by a car haha. He wants to know if the Church is true and he's praying, reading, and coming to church but he is missing one important thing. Faith. You guys faith is SO important. We can be doing everything that we need to be doing..but if we don't have faith none of it matters. Faith will carry you. Hang on to the faith that you have! We love Michael and we do have the faith that he will come around.

So Mario, our recent convert, gets the priesthood next week!! We are so excited and happy for him! The next step is going to the temple and doing baptism for the dead with him! We are planning on doing that in the next couple of weeks!

Also we got a sweet new investigator on Saturday named Eddie. He's from Guatemala and he's legit! He was a referral from a member. He came to Conference yesterday and he loved it. We have a cita with him on Tuesday, we feel good about him!

Wanna hear a cool story?? So we were in a lesson with Martin yesterday, right, and he was telling us about what happened a week before we met him. He has had a lot of health problems so he was sitting in the doctors office and he felt really nervous. He didn't really know how to pray because he has never really done it before so he said he kind of just said something out loud to God (he basically had it right?) He told God that if he has a greater purpose on the earth to help him understand it and to be able to live a little bit longer to find it. A week later we saw him outside cleaning out his car and went up and talked to him. That was about 2 months ago and he just told us! My heart was filled with gratitude for God because I know he answers prayers and he knows us! He knows Martin and loves him. I am so grateful that we followed the spiritual promptings to go and talk to him.

I love you all so much!! And I hope you have a great week! The Church is TRUE!

Hermana San Juan

Da pics:
We went to a fiesta this weekend for one of our less actives. It was something else that's for sure. They had a Catholic preacher there who sprinkled holy water on all of us so that was fun. And also a really sweet mariachi band!

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  1. Great week! How are the famlia Campo? I hope they were able to watch conference and that the Dad is hanging tight to his goal to quit drinking. I'm praying for them. I love the story about Martin. It always amazes and encourages me to know how Heavenly Father really does know each of us and is in the details of our lives. You must feel so blessed to be instruments in his hands!!! And Michael . . . oh Michael. Faith is a hard thing for some and I feel very lucky that I have been given the gift of faith in some measure and my challenge is to increase and strengthen that faith. Hopefully he will receive that gift as well--SOOOON.

    Keep up the good work and know we are praying for you here. Tom and I along with Melissa and her family got to spend conference weekend in St. George. I feel so lucky to get to do that. Ciera and Seth are doing some work in their condo, so we got to see that too, which was fun. Life here is pretty good--if you have room in your prayers include Emily and Lauren. One day I hope they rediscover their faith!

    Love you,
    Julie (and Tom too)