Monday, April 21, 2014

Heyyy Yalllllllllz!

 Let me just walk you through my week!

Monday: Took a 3 hour nap and it was awesome. We had a good lesson with Martin. We had a whole great lesson planned on the plan of salvation but when we asked him about his prayers he said he was doing a "mixture" of memorized prayers and the way we taught him how to pray. So we decided to change our plans and go over prayer again and how it's like having a conversation with God. Also it's Hilarious because he calls everyone "Oiga!" and we have no idea why haha.

Tuesday: We went over to a recent converts house because he told us that she was going through a hard time in her life so he wanted us to go visit her. So of course we were like of course we will go over! So we go over there and like 12 people are sitting at this huge table waiting for us to come. Apparently they thought we were like master psychologists that were going to come over and fix all of their problems. So we sit down and they just started venting EVERYTHING to us. You guys for some reason as a missionary, people tell you everything. They tell you all their secrets, sins, family problems, health problems, etc..... I have never heard so many problems in my life.

Do my fellow missionary friends feel the same way??

But anyway the girl that we came over for is 16 years old and she is very depressed. I felt so bad for her. We started talking to her about prayer and asked her if she has ever prayed before and she said that she hadn't. So we taught her how to pray. It was so NEAT. The gospel heals! We committed her to pray every night and she even smiled at us before we left. We can never underestimate the power of prayer.

Wednesday: This was a SAD day y'all. We ended up dropping Michael. But the good news is that it ended on a really really good note and I really truly believe that he will accept the gospel one day. It's just not his time right now. I hope that we planted a seed in his heart. I'm going to miss him.

Katelyn and Michael

Also I don't know if I told you but every Wednesday we eat with an old couple from the English ward named the Stantons. Well we went over there and it was a sad because brother Stanton had to be put in a nursing home so it felt a little bit empty over there. But Sister Stanton is hilarious and such a happy person even through the hard times so it was good! 

Also a man yelled at us in Russian today (I think) so that was cool.

Thursday: We found a new investigator named Melissa during Hour of Power and we are going back to see her tonight!

Friday: We had a really good district meeting today about how to use the Book of Mormon better in our teaching! Elder Williams always does such a good job leading those. Then we went to visit Brother Stanton in the nursing home! He gave us each a big hug and a kiss on the forehead it was so good to see him! He was telling us about how we were in Utah and he was pointing to the mountains that you could see from his room? It was good to be in Utah for a little bit! haha. We went to the library and showed Alex the "Because of Him" video! It's SO GOOD. President Crawford told us to show it to all of our investigators so I have seen it about 30 times now and it gets better every time!

Saturday: I GOT THE MOST BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS TODAY FROM MY MOST FAVORITE PEOPLE EVER. Thanks for the flowers, family.  They really made my day.  They are so pretty and make our apartment smell so good! Also, Alex took us out to lunch to some Tex-Mex restaurant because he didn't have work today.

Sunday: Hermana Shannon, Mario, and I talked in church today! I was really nervous because in the past when I have given talks it had been in front of like 20 people because I was in branches but this time it was like 150 people and I was nervous haha. Mario was nervous too because he has been a member of the Church for like a month...  It was so cute.  He called us a couple of times during the week and asked us questions about how to write a talk. Like, "Can I write it down so I know what to say?" Just the type of thing you don't really think about when you have grown up in the Church. But it all turned out to be really good. A Hermana in the ward even came up to me after and asked me if she could make a copy of my talk so she could share it with her non-member family. hahah So I guess it went alright? Also we set a baptism date with Alex!!! May 31st! He said he should be moving out by then so he won't be living with his girlfriend anymore. But he has to make a lot of hard decisions so it won't be easy but we know God will help him. You all have to meet him, he said he wants to move to Utah one day so I'm sure you will :) Also Martin made us dinner! He is so awesome. He made us some nice rice and chicken. And also taught us the phrase that is the title of my e-mail. He is hilarious guys.

SO SORRY that this e-mail is SO long. I pretty sure it's one of the longest ones I have written haah. But anyway I love you guys so much and I am SO happy to be a missionary!


Hermana San Juan

Thelma, Perl, Katelyn

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