Monday, March 31, 2014

Miracles Do Happen

Guess who came to church yesterday! Remember la familia Campo that I talked about in my letter last week? Yup they came. Y'all would not believe the transformation Hermana Shannon and I have seen in this family this past week. We went over there about four different times this past week. Hermana Campo had to work every day so just her husband was home with their two kids every time we went over. He lost a lot of work because of his drinking. Every time we went over they were so happy to see us and we would make sure to encourage Hermano Campo not to drink. He is going strong. He did admit to us that he had been drinking one day but that he was cutting down. We told him that sometimes when we are trying to change and become better we will fall but the getting back up is the most important part. We saw a HUGE change in him by the end of the week. Sunday at church (yesterday) was the first time that we saw his wife since the blow up last week. After Sacrament meeting I gave her a hug and she just started to cry and hugged me again. She just kept saying, "Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking care of my family." I felt such a warm feeling in my heart and such a love for her and her sweet family. We had a lesson with them after church and invited them to be baptized and they said YES. It has been such a beautiful experience seeing their progression.

Michael also came to church yesterday! Oh Michael.....his is a tough cookie let me tell ya. He makes my brain hurt. He just has so many questions, and views, and concerns, and doubts, and blah blah. Plus he expects his answer to come "Joseph Smith style" as he would say. haha But he is so willing to do what he needs to do to find his answer because he really does have such a strong desire to know. We just keep trying to bring it all back to his testimony of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. We invited him to be baptized on the 26th of April and promised him that if he continues to do all that he can to know that he will feel ready to be baptized by this day. He accepted!

The General Womens Conference on Saturday night was so good! I hope all of you got the chance to watch that and if you didn't go watch it! It was truly inspiring. The messages brought hope and I know that it made me want to be a better missionary, friend, daughter, companion, and sister.

I AM SO EXCITED FOR GENERAL CONFERENCE THIS WEEKEND. Mostly because if you want someone to get baptized you have them listen to the prophet. So I am really excited to invite all our investigators and less actives that we are working with to come watch General Conference and feel the spirit. It's going to be a powerful weekend. At district meeting on Friday Elder Williams stressed the importance of General Conference. He talked to us about how sometimes we can get too relaxed about hearing the prophet and his apostles speaking because we see their faces all the time. He committed us to prepare well for this conference. I want to leave you all with the same commitment. Moses is coming down from the mountain. We have a living prophet on the earth today!!  Do you understand how amazing that is? Don't take this for granted. Heavenly Father loves you and knows you and he will give you the answers, the comfort, the healing, the guidance that you need to move forward, through his prophets this weekend.

I love you all so much and I am so happy to be a missionary. I can't even believe how fast the time is going by. You are all in my prayers and thank you for all of yours. LOVE YOU.

Hermana San Juanita

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  1. Oh my goodness, I am so excited for the Campo family! The gospel truly changes lives and can give people the hope and guidance they need to succeed in this crazy world. I hope he can kick his drinking habit. I HATE ALCOHOL!! Wouldn't it be amazing if he could become the husand, father, and person he is capable of without this debilitating addiction? I will be praying for them.

    As for the women's meeting, I was lucky enough to go with Grandma, Paige, and Melissa. Then G-ma had us over to house for grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup--yummy! She had also made a German Chocolate Cake. Delish. Paige is such a cutie and is growing up. It was fun to be together for a great conference. Your Dad and Tom joined us for dinner, and it was fun. And even better than that will be Gen'l Conf this weekend--I CAN'T WAIT!!! Best time of the year, hands down. Tom and I are headed to St. George to watch it there and soak in a little sunshine (hopefully). It's been snowing and dizmal here this week, so I'm ready to head south. I can't wait to hear what our prophets and leaders have for us this time, as every single conference I feel like they are talking directly to me at one point or another. It truly testifies to me every time that Heavenly Father really does know me and is aware of the struggles that I have. Can't wait!!!

    Sure love you and love hearing about your experiences.

    Julie (and Tom too)