Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Como están...?

Okay so I just figured out that you can change the font and the color on this computer and I got really excited so I would like to apologize in advance.
So this week has been an adventure thats for sure. First of all Hermana Shannon got a really great present for her birthday this year.....lice! So that has been really fun. We have no idea how she got it! On Wednesday I spent about 5 hours brushing her hair with that weird comb they give you and getting it all out. I WOULDN'T WISH THIS UPON MY WORST ENEMY. Hermana Shannon is glad that she has a companion that loves her haha. And also it's a miracle that I haven't gotten it yet either so we are counting our blessings! The mission teaches you a lot of things you never thought you would learn let me tell you haha. But really all is well and her lice is basically all gone. We called Sister Crawford on Wednesday to ask her what we should do and at one point she told us, "This will be funny in a couple of days Hermanas I promise!" We were like, Yeah right that will be the day! But we laughed about it for like an hour this morning so the scars are healing! haha
So yesterday one of our citas fell through and Hermana Shannon got the feeling that we needed to go over to one of our investigators houses named the Campos. They are a family that we have been teaching since I got here and the dad has a really big drinking problem but hasn't been able/willing to give it up so we stopped going over there as often. Well we went over yesterday and they let us in and the dad was DRUNK drunk drunk. The Hermana told us that it had been one of the worst weeks ever and that the police were on their way over to kind of slap him back into reality. Plus there were a million other problems that his drinking had caused like money, his kids, his job.... It was a mess to say the least. Well we decided that we better leave before anything happened but on our way out the police showed up and everything kind of exploded. So we decided to take their 2 little kids (one is about 6, a boy, and the other 12, a girl) outside and distract them so they didn't have to see all that was going on. These poor kids are terrified of their dad. So we passed a soccer ball around with them for about half an hour while they figured things out in the house. I had a silent prayer in my heart the whole time. They finally came back out, the policeman left, and the Hermana thanked us for coming over and taking care of her kids then left in her car with them and told us that they were going to go get away for a little while. So Hermana Shannon and I were walking back to the car when Hermano Campo shouts out "Hermanas!" from his front door. We had such a strong feeling that we needed to go to him. We went over and he fell to the floor crying. I had never seen anyone so sad and it broke my heart. We lifted him up and cried with him. We told him that our message can save him and his family but that he HAS to stop drinking. And then we said will you do it? And he said, "Yes, I will do it."  It was a powerful, powerful experience. I felt the love that Jesus had for him in that moment. He was at rock bottom, yet I could feel that love so strongly. That experience taught me many things. We should never judge, never give up on people, always listen to the spirit, and love others as Christ would.
It also made me realize how greatful I am for my family and that I was raised in a loving home with parents who have a love for the Savior and a strong desire to follow him. My heart is full of gratitude for that. We sometimes forget how much we really have.
I Love you all so much and I am so happy to be a missionary! This is the best decision I have ever made.
Hermana San Juan

#1 Celebrating Hermana Shannons B-day!
#2 Stake Conference
#3 Pobresita la Hermana Shannon

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  1. What a heartbreaking story. I am so sad for his wife and kids!! We really are so blessed to have been born into our great families and to have the gospel to keep us out of these awful traps!! I hate drinking SO bad. It robs so many people of the life they could have!! I have been reading Jacob 5. I just love this chapter so much. It is so amazing how patient the Lord is with us and our weaknesses. He keeps pruning, grafting, re-planting, etc. to help us reach our potential and bring forth good fruit!! You are so blessed to be one of his servants in your corner of the vinyard, helping Heavenly Father with this process! I hope Hermano Campos will have the strength and courage to let the Lord heal him so he can save his family. Satan's grasp can be SO STRONG, but the reach of Heavenly Father is stronger, if we only let him in and become truly converted and commited to changing, no matter how hard it is or how long it takes. Anyway, nice work!!

    Sorry about the lice. Yuck. Crossing my fingers that you don't get it!! Oh the adventures of being a missionary. We love you and are praying for you here in B-town.

    PS -- Spencer, Hayden and Paige came to dinner Sunday and it was so great to see them. I can't wait to start receiving Spencer's emails too!