Monday, May 12, 2014



So I don't really have much to say because I just talked to yall yesterday!! Yeah remember that? It kinda feels like a dream. But it was so great taking to my fav people :) I have the best family ever. Pretty sad to hear that I don't have a Spanish accent yet I will keep working on that..:)

Anyway we went to Arturo's apartment with Alex yesterday so that he could check it out and its official...Alex is moving in with Arturo! He is moving in at the end of May and then getting baptized a couple of days later. We are so happy for him and we know God is happy with the decisions he is making even though they are not easy ones. You guys, Alex didn't even know what a Mormon was a couple months ago and now he is moving in with one and getting baptized. The gospel changes lives.

So on Thursday our 82 year old neighbor Chi ha came over and brought us this soup that is apparently really famous in Vietnam called pho. It had a bunch of raw meat in it and looked and smelled pretty weird but it tasted delicious! The pictures attached will explain it all. I hope you enjoy hahahaha.

Also Hermana McCormick tried speaking to a Vietnamese man in Spanish the other day and I was dying laughing.
I love you all so much!!!!

Hermana San Juan

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