Monday, August 25, 2014

Familia Martinez Baptized

Hola Hola!

Hermana Katelyn St. John and Familia Martinez

I know I ALWAYS say this but this week really was one of the best of my mission! For many reason but there are two main ones.

#1 Elder Cook came to our mission to speak to us Saturday morning! Right when he walked into the room you could just feel of the spirit that he has and that he truly is an apostle of God. He told us that he didn't come with anything specific prepared to talk about so he would just go off of what he felt we needed to hear. He talked about how they assign mission calls. How they really are specifically just for us and how they look at each of our pictures and sometimes they feel we need to go to a certain mission president, or sometimes it's a certain language that we need to be speaking, or a certain group of people. At the end of his talk he left a special apostalic blessing on us. That was SO beautiful and so specific to our mission and our individual needs. I truly gained a stronger testimony that day of the apostles and prophet. It was an experience I will never forget! We also got to go up to him before the meeting started and shake his and his wife's hand one by one :)

#2 THE MARTINEZ FAMILY WAS BAPTIZED. Okay I haven't really been that big of a crier on my mission but yesterday the tears came easy. Especially because for the musical number we sang "Families Can Be Together Forever" and I look over at Perla and Gabriel and they have tears streaming down their cheeks. We have talked a lot about eternal families with them and I know that they know they can truly be together forever and that this is not the end. I couldn't help but picture them at the temple (which was a terrible idea because that made the tears come hard). I also pictured Katy and Michelle being married in the temple someday and Jr leaving on a mission and it just made my heart so happy I could hardly stand it. I will be forever grateful to my Heavenly Father for letting me be a part of their conversion.  

Unknown Hermana, Hermana Andrus, Martinez Familia, Katelyn, Hermana Williams


Hermanas Shannon, San Juan, McCormick

Hermana Andrus and Hermana San Juan

The mission life is good! I am so happy. Thank you for everything I love you con todo mi corazon!!

Con Amor,

Hermana San Juan

We helped Perla make tamales for the baptism.

We made lots!

We organized our formers this week....mission fun.

 Oh Texas, you melt my heart.

Most adorable kids ever award!

We went fishing again!

She caught a catfish!

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