Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Que lastima pero adios!

Best District Ever! 
So sad news! I'm leaving South Houston :( I'm SO sad to leave and I really don't want to but I know its the way it needs to be. I'm so sad to leave my pal Hermana McCormick. She has been such a good companion and friend. I am going to miss her a ton. I will find out tomorrow where I'm off to next!

So Beto is doing SO well. He is getting baptized this Saturday and he is still really excited and we are so happy for him. We only found him about 2 weeks ago.  He was just really prepared to receive the gospel! We had a lesson with him last night on tithing and we brought Alex with us. I honestly think that was one of The happiest moments of my mission. Alex just has the purest testimony in the world. Beto was freaking out a little but because he thought it was all happening really fast and Alex just calmly bore strong testimony about baptism and about the truth of this Church. While he was bearing testimony you could just see the change in Beto. He went from being really nervous and uneasy to being excited and happy! I was so grateful that we had him there to help Beto, we couldn't have done it without him. It just made me so happy because 4 months ago when we found Alex he was a very different person. He was depressed, sad, lost, mad....and now he is the complete opposite, happy, hopeful, loving, kind, and filled with light. I was just sitting there thinking "life could not be any better." The gospel changes lives!
So I feel like I have a lot more to tell yall but I forgot my journal and I can't remember....haha but don't worry the pictures explain it all!!

Oh p.s funny story:
We were in a lesson with Beto and mosquitos were attacking us so he was all "let me go get some repellent." And so we assumed that he just went inside or something but he was taking FOREVER. So about 15 min later he comes back with repellent and we were all "Bro where did you go?!" And he told us that he went to the store! In the middle of our lesson! Oh my gosh I just read this story out loud and its not even funny...hahahah. I guess you had to be there hahah.
 Hermano Campos with his guitar.

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  1. Your mission seems to be going so fast!! What a great week you've had. It is so fun to watch the Lord's hand guiding you to those who are ready and even using newly baptized members to help. I love it!!!