Monday, February 10, 2014

I Am Devil Free!


Yep that's right. Hermana Shannon and I are companions again! It was so crazy at transfer meetings. President Crawford called our names and we ran up to each other and I gave her the biggest hug in the world! I couldn't help but smile the rest of the meeting. We just kept looking at each other like, "This is not real life." We went up to President Crawford after the meeting and were like, "Hey President, did you know that we were companions in the MTC?" His face was hilarious. He obviously forgot. But then he was like, "Well it looks like you were meant to be companions again. I hope you got along well in the MTC," and gave us a huge smile. Love him.
I'M COMPS WITH HERMANA SHANNON AGAIN. I still can't believe it sometimes.

So the area we are in is called Broadway Two South. It's in Houston. I'm finally serving in Houston! I was really excited when I found out. All my other areas have been out in the country. Now I am surrounded by huge buildings, millions of people, and we have to take the freeway to get to church. It's alot different than my other areas but I think I am really going to like it. Also, I am serving in a ward now! A ward! You guys this is a big deal, I haven't been in a ward for almost 9 months. There are like 200 people that come to church every week......200! I am used to about 30 people at church every week. I'm sure yesterday at church Hermana Shannon got so sick of me saying, "There are so many people here!!" haha.
So Hermana Salcido told me yesterday that Hugo is still planning on getting baptized this Saturday! Pure joy. And the great thing is is that I called President and he said that I could go back to Baytown for the baptism! I'm so excited. Also, here in Broadway we have two baptisms coming up in the next couple of weeks.
So funny story. The other day Hermana Shannon and I had a little bit a free time so we decided to go knock some doors. We saw this guy working on his car so we went up and talked to him. We were having a good normal conversation with him but he had some doubts about the Book of Mormon. So we started to testify that we know it's true and that it can bless his life and other things like that when all of a sudden he said, "Can I say a prayer for you guys before you leave?" So we were like, "Yeah, of course." And then the next thing we know he has a hand on each of our heads and was speaking in some Hebrew language.... We are pretty sure he was trying to take the devils out of us because he said something like Diablo in the middle of his prayer. So yeah....basically you guys don't have to worry about me anymore because I am devil free! haha It was really funny.
Tiny miracle. I was really wanting some boots because it has been pretty cold and rainy here the last couple of days but I had no way to get any so I just made peace with it, but I really wanted some. Then this morning I looked out the window and it was raining cats and dogs. Well I decided to say a prayer.... You can pray for anything right? And I just asked if there was anything I could do to not get so wet. And guess what.....while cleaning the apartment today I FOUND RAIN BOOTS. Just sitting in the closet on the floor and they are my perfect size. You guys, God answers prayers. He loves and knows each of us.

I love you all so much!!! So so much. And I love this work so much. I learn new things about the gospel every day and it's the best thing ever. I am SO happy. and I hope you all are too. Have a happy happy Valentines Day <3
Con Amor,
Hermana San Juan

Vilma and Katelyn

Familia Rodriguez

Gloria took them for pedicures on their last p-day in Baytown.

Gloria, Katelyn and Hugo


  1. Reading your letters brings peace to my soul. I am so glad that things are going so well for you!

  2. Hermana Shannon? Who could have guessed that! So cool. And the boot story is epic. Such a tender mercy.