Thursday, February 20, 2014

Happy Happy Happy

This week was INCREDIBLE. So on Friday we had a zone conference and Elder Aidukaitis from the 70 came and talked to us. It was such an eye opener. He was very forward and very straight to the point but very kind and filled with the spirit. I have never met anyone like him before. I wish I could describe to you the things he said in a way that you could feel how I felt. It was definitely an experience that I will never forget. He talked a lot about how we can improve as a mission and how we should never, never set any of our goals as 0. He really motivated me to work harder and set my vision higher. You guys, it was incredible.
We are teaching this man named Mario right now. It's actually a cool story. Hermana Shannon and Seely (yes they were companions) were knocking this apartment complex because they had a little bit of time before they had to be at their next appointment and found Mario. He let them in and his girlfriend was there and they stared teaching them. At the end of the lesson they invited them to be baptized and his girlfriend was like, "I'm already a member of your church!" So apparently she was baptized about 7 years ago in Mexico and hasn't been to church since then. Now we are teaching Mario and he is so PREPARED. He has a baptism date for the 15th of March. The only tiny thing is is that he and Patty aren't technically married.....yeah....but they said that they are planning on getting married the first week in March so that he can be baptized!
We are also teaching this guy named Alex. We found him knocking. He had talked to missionaries before but a long time ago. He accepts everything we teach him and is super awesome. He just won't come to church! I think he has a couple of fears about it but we are working on it. He is great. He has a baptism date for the 15th as well and is looking forward to it.
We get to go to the temple on Wednesday! So excited!
I hope y'all know how much I love you. I have such a strong testimony of this gospel. My testimony and love for the Book of Mormon has also grown so much since I have been out on my mission. I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God and it blesses me every day. That book has become a part of me. I feel the spirit every time I read it. Jesus Christ is our Savior. He knows how each of us feel when we are passing through difficult times. And when we are going through difficult times the best thing we can do is to rely on him. Let him carry us. Serve other people. We are children of God and he loves us. I know we can all find the strength we need to overcome challenges through this gospel.    
Alma 38:5 :)
Con Amor,
Hermana San Juan

P.S. Go watch the bible videos that are on Mormon Channel! They will change your life!!
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