Monday, September 16, 2013

The Gospel Changes Lives

16 September 2013

I'm pretty sure I say this every week but this week was so great!

So this Friday our branch and another Spanish branch had a combined activity called Fiestas Patrias. They had really really good food, dancing, music, and a talent show. So wanna know something funny? Me and Hermana Arcila and two Hermanas in our branch did a dance in the talent show. haha. The dance was called Baile de los Viejos  and it's a traditional Mexican dance. We dressed up as old people and danced with canes. It was hilarious especially because I can't dance to save my life. haha Alex and Alfonzo came and they were like.."wow Hermana San Juan you are definately white.". haha It was a fun time.

So the boys are doing so great. They are getting excited for their baptism THIS SATURDAY. So Tuesday we had an appointment with their mom and it went really well! She told us that she has seen a difference in her boys since they have been meeting with us. She said they have a light about them. She also said that she wants to learn more about our church. So it was a really good visit. She is such a sweet lady.  Hermana Arcila and I have no clue why the boys didn't let us talk to her until now! I guess it's just a teenage boy thing haha.

So on Wednesday something really great happened. We had an appointment with the boys at the park where we always have them and Alfonzo was acting a little bit quieter than usual so we asked him what's on his mind. And he started to tear up (mind you this is a 17 year old boy so it was like woah) and he said, "I just want you guys to know that you came to me and my brother at a time when we felt the most alone and when we needed God the most."  So of course we all started to tear up and it was just a great moment. These boys have taught me so much and I love them to death. It is so amazing to see how much they have changed and grown these past 10 weeks. The gospel changes lives.

Roci and her family are doing really well too! They couldn't come to church this past week becuase they have family in town but hopefully they will next week. They have been praying together as a family and they said they can tell the difference. We had a lesson with them the other day and we invited her husband to say the closing prayer and he was really nervous to because he has never said a prayer out loud before. But we walked him through it and he did it! It was such a good prayer too. It was a small but great miracle.

Friday we decided to go and visit this former investigator named Yesenia. So we went over and she was home and let us in! She was SO excited to see us and told us that she has been praying we would come over. She is about 26 years old and she is married with two little girls. We are hoping that we can start teaching her whole family soon!

I have been thinking a lot this week about how I am so lucky to be in such a great area! When I am on exchanges with other sisters we both tell each other  about our areas and I just feel so lucky to be in Port Arthur. Our Branch members are so awesome. We have dinners every night and they take really good care of us. And we have a lot of people to teach! I just feel really lucky and I never want to leave this area haha. So you don't have to worry about me things are going really well here in Port Arthur!

I love ya'll so much! Thanks for all the e-mails, packages, and letters I can feel your love. The Church is true and I love you!

Hermana San Juan  


  1. Sister San Juana,
    How I love your emails. They are so full of the excitement of Missionary life. I am happy that you are having success. It is absolutely wonderful when you have the support of the Ward or Branch. All is well here. I love you sweet Katy Bug!!

  2. I'm just so excited about the boys! How amazing that you have brought something so great into their lives at such a tender and important age. Being a teenager is tough! I hope they have great support from friends in the branch. Living the principles of the gospel will save them from potential pain and heartache as they navigate the next few years of their lives. You must be so excited!! So many excited things going on. I would have loved to see the old lady dance. Pretty sure it would have been awesome. :)

    Love you!