Monday, November 10, 2014

Cuando Hay Amor

This was a crazy week! I think I was only in my area for one full day this
past week. 
On Tuesday we had Zone Conference in Eagle Springs so we didn't get home
until about 6. It was a really great conference though. They talked about
being more exactly obedient and how we can be more effective teachers. The
assistants came out with this new tool called "how to being baptizing
points." They promised us that if we use them we will see more baptisms this
transfer! We have been seeing a lot of miracles using them just this past
week. The whole mission is really excited about it. We went from having one
person with a date to having 3 people with a date in just these past couple
of days! 
Rafeal is still doing awesome. I swear he is not from this planet. His
baptism is this coming Sunday. He watched the long Joseph Smith movie all
on his own the other day and LOVED it. He called us right after and was
talking a million miles an hour about the movie and everything that
happened and how he felt, and everything haha. The only thing that would
potentially stop him from reaching his date would be smoking. He has been a
smoker almost his whole life but he hasn't smoked for a couple of weeks now
and is very driven to never do it again so we have faith that he can do it,
we know he can! 
We also have another person on date for the 23 of November named Domingo.
Yes, awkward Domingo has a date! He came to church for the first time
yesterday and loved it. I think it has been a while since he has come to
church. We watched the Joseph Smith movie with him yesterday and he liked
it and had questions about baptism. He is moving right along. 

Brenda's Baptism

Also, Brenda was baptized yesterday! Remember Brian and Pepo? They were
baptized about 3 months ago. Well Pepos mom, Brenda, got baptized
yesterday! It was such a great service. They are so excited to be able to
go into the temple in a year to be sealed as a family. :) 
I love you all so much thank you for everything!

Hermana San Juan
I love my companions.

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