Monday, January 27, 2014

Bipolar Week

Hermana Salcido, San Juan and Ochsenbein

Buenos Dias!

So Texas was having a really bipolar week this past week. On Friday everything here in Baytown was FROZEN and we weren't allowed to leave our apartments and then the next day it was like 70 degrees and beautiful outside. And apparently this next week is going to be really freezing too and might even snow so we will see!

President interviews were this week and they went really well! President Crawford gave us these things called "tassels" to memorize when I first got to the mission. We are asked to memorize about 100 scriptures and what they say and what points they go with in the lessons. And he asked everyone to have them memorized by their interviews. So Hermana Salcido and I were memorizing like crazy all week and when president interviews came we aced the test the assistants gave us. We were pretty proud of ourselves haha. My interview with president was so good. He is such a great, kind, wise man and I look up to him so much. He makes you feel special even though he has 200 other missionaries to worry about. He always asks how I'm doing and especially at this time of year because he knows that this is about when Mom passed away. 

So kind of sad news. We had to drop the Gutierrez family. It was definitely one of the hardest parts of my mission so far. We really didn't want to drop them but we had been praying about it and we just knew that it had to be done. They just didn't want to give up some of their beliefs. And we completely understand that it's hard and it's not easy for people to change. The good thing is that things ended really well and the spirit was so strong. I know that down the road they will accept the gospel and welcome in that spirit again. They are such great people.

So now good news! Katia is BACK from the Dominican! And even better news she is still good for being baptized on Feb 1! Oh how I missed her!

Things are going really well with Hugo still. We gave him 3 dates to pick from and pray about. When we extended the dates to him his wife Gloria started crying and he had the biggest smile on his face :) It was a really happy moment for us all. Ahh I just LOVE them!

I love all of you and I'm so grateful for you love and support! Have a fantastic week!

Hermana San Juan

She hasn't lost her love of life!

P-Day Bowling

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