Monday, November 25, 2013

So Happy!


So I am sooo happy to write you all this week. First of all it makes me SO happy that Mom's headstone was up for her birthday. And it makes me so happy to see that you all were together for that special day. Even though I wasn't there with you guys I can feel your love and I know that Mom is happy. I can just picture her smiling down on all of you. I feel like I should share a couple of my greatest memories about her because I wasn't there to share them with all of you. 

First off EVERYTIME I would say, "I feel like (insert food name here)." She would say, "Well you don't look like it!" It cracked me up every time. Also remember how right after she was recovering from cancer the first time she had the goal to run the whole Race For The Cure 5k? So she got up every morning and went running. And I know it was hard for her because she just got done with all her treatments...but she did it! She worked so hard and she ran the whole race without stopping! I remember running by her side and just being so proud of her. That is how she has always been. She has always been the perfect example to me of never giving up. I will forever be greatful for her and what she has taught me. A huge part of who I am today is because of her. Love you with all my heart Mom.

This week was a really great one! We have been finding new people to teach that are so prepared. Heavenly Father is really blessing this area. So I don't think I have told you this, but something that President Crawford asks us to do is to memorize the whole Joseph Smith first vision so that we can recite it when we are teaching about Joseph Smith. It brings the spirit SO strong. So I have been working on memorizing it in Spanish the whole time I have been out and oh man its been hard but I finally felt comfortable reciting it the other day. We were in a lesson with this 15-year-old girl named Aylin and I recited the story for her. I was SO nervous. But the spirit was there helping me along the way and it was a beautiful moment as she told us that she felt a peace inside her and she believes that it's true.

You guys the Church is true. We all have challenges in life but God knows each and every one of us individually. I can promise you that. I have felt it so many times. I love you all so much and I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! We were invited to a Thanksgiving dinner at President Pamroy's home (we have Spanish classes with him every Tuesday morning). So I will be having American food for Thanksgiving wahooo! LOVE YOU. <3

Hermana San Juan   

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  1. Sister San Juan,
    Your message about your mother made me shed a few tears. I love her so much, and I do not go a full day without thinking of her and feeling gratitude for the privilege of being her dad. It is also a pleasure to be your G-Pa. I am so proud of the way you are working so hard and responding to the promptings of the Spirit. You are incredible, and all of us are sooooo proud of you. I am happy that you will be with your mission family for Thanksgiving. I remember how much that meant to us in Wales!!
    I love you Katelyn,