Monday, August 19, 2013

I Made It!

So no big deal but my first transfer is over, time flies by so fast!!

So I didn't really think transfers would affect me that much because I am being trained and I knew I was staying with my companion in the same area, but they did! So we got the call on Saturday night that Hermana Seely is being transferred :(   I am going to miss her like crazy. She has taught me so much these past six weeks. And yesterday we got a call from President Crawford. He asked Hermana Arcila if she would accept the calling of Sister training leader for our zone on top of being my trainer! She is so excited and she is going to be amazing. So basically, what you do as a sister training leader is you go on exchanges with all the sisters in your zone to see how they are doing and to give them any advice. Basically what this means for me is that while Hermana Arcila is on exchanges this transfer with other sisters (about 8) I will be on exchanges with their companions. Does that make sense? Basically we will be switching companions for a day and Hermana Arcila will go to their area and I will stay in our area, Port Arthur. And since we are the only Spanish sisters in our whole zone I will be going out with English sisters which means I have to be fluent in Spanish like right now. Haha I AM SO TERRIFIED. But I know that Heavenly Father knows I can do this. It is going to force me to learn Spanish faster but I am so excited and I know this is going to be so good for me. Oh man I can already see all the awkward Spanish moments I am going to have this next transfer. haha It's going to be great!

So I was thinking about this this week...I can't believe I haven't told you guys about Hour of Power! At least I'm pretty sure I haven't. But anyways we have this thing called hour of power every Thursday night from 6:00 to 7:00 pm. It is that at 5:30 everyone in the mission goes to a member's house and teaches them a lesson about faith and then at the end of the lesson we invite them to say the closing prayer and pray that during this hour of power (from 6:00 to 7:00) someone in the mission will find people or a family to teach. So at 6:00 everyone in the entire mission goes out and knocks on doors trying to find people to share the gospel with. It truly is an hour of power. At the end of the hour of power we are supposed to text our results to President and then he sends out a mass text to everyone with all the results added together. 

This past week we had 114 return appointments which is the highest it has ever been! So that's what I will be doing every Thursday night from 6:00 to 7:00! If you guys would like I would like to invite you to say a prayer every Thursday at that time that someone in the mission will be lead to someone ready to hear the gospel! I know that every prayer counts and you can make a difference. And we will be praying together at the same time so that will be cool too :)

Also a fun fact! The reason that we do it at this specific time is because every Thursday night at 6:00 the prophet and his apostles go to the temple and pray for the missionaries! Man being a missionary rocks.

So we are teaching Alex and Alfonzo about every day now. It is getting close to their baptismal date and that's when Satan starts working his hardest on people. And Satan is working really hard on them right now. They are both so nervous to be starting school and they just keep telling us that they forget to read and pray because they are so caught up in school starting. But yesterday we had a lesson with them and we told them that's when you need to read and pray the most. When you are stressed, sad, worried..Heavenly Father will help you if you put your trust in Him. 

So I got a really big compliment this of our less actives that we are teaching asked if I was Hispanic. WAHOO! Best compliment I have every gotten. haha Okay, not really but I was very happy about it.

Also I'm really sorry about not sending a lot of pictures I need to take more! That will be one of my goals for this next transfer. But I do have a really funny video of a dog chasing me so I will try to send that to you haha.

A miracle happened this week! It was actually during hour of power on Thursday. We knocked on this one door and a man about 40 years old answered. He told us that he already had a church he was going to and he wasn't really interested. Then we just started bearing testimony to him and the spirit was so strong. He let us in! His name is Hector and he and his wife have four super nice and cute kids. We taught them about the restoration of the gospel and then at the end we had a kneeling prayer. He said that he felt something different about us so that's why he let us in his home. It's amazing what a simple testimony can do.

Anyways I love yall with all my heart! Thank you for all your love and support. I can feel all of your prayers!

Hermana San Juan

P.S. I got a new name tag, I think you all are really going to like it. I will send you a picture of it next week, but I will give you a hint.......what did I sign my name as in this e-mail.......?  :)

Birthday cake for Hermana Seely

With members of Katelyn's branch. Note the harmonica player - at all times. 

P-Day Bowling
Love the shirt!

The results of dancing in the rain.


  1. This is such an exciting email! President Crawford must have a lot of confidence in you to put you in the position to be the only Spanish speaking in the companionship when you have exchanges, especially while you are still being trained. Always knew you were a quick study. So proud of how you are doing with your Spanish and with your willingness to follow the promptings of the Spirit. Love your Hour of Power. We will have to join in with you. I know God especially answers the prayers of missionaries and those who are praying for them. Carry on!

  2. I love the excitement in your emails. I get chills just reading about all the wonderful experiences you are having. The people of Port Arthur are so lucky to have you there. This transfer sounds fun. There should not be any dull times. Each day should be a new challenge. I know your Spanish is going to improve in leaps and bounds now. You do have a bit of a Hispanic flare about you with your dark hair and eyes, but I am sure it just the wonderful way you are learning to speak. I love you my sweet Katelyn.